Digital Project Manager (Thai language required)

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Digital Project Manager (Thai language required)

Job description

We have always believed that "Happy People Do Good Work". This belief has under-pinned our creative, problem-solving and value creation tendencies that has lead us towards a digital consulting path.

Our natural abilities have helped us to grow to a group of 60+ friends and place importance in many values that include authenticity, creativity and humility. While technology is at the center of our work, we believe that being people-focused is key to driving success in any organisation.

We are looking for a Project Manager to join us in our mission to "change how the world works"

The Situation

Our growth is out pacing our ability for MAQE to in-house train new Project Managers.  

There are very little projects that a small to start with and with every new client that we meet, the scale and complexity of the projects increase.  While we value up-skilling our staff, we are now in need of new friends with experience to hit the ground running.

The Challenge

Our projects generally tend to run 5-6 months and work is either a combination of turnkey and or custom web development work.  Projects can involve integrating order management systems with 3rd party warehouse fulfilment systems, marketplace platforms, supply chain systems to custom built finance and lending systems.  Project planning will be a complicated process to being order to the chaos and create confidence in the client and the team that you will work with.

The Opportunity

Many projects involve our teams from the beginning, allowing you to organise the team to help the clients define their solution through discoveries, UX audits, ideation and design thinking workshops.  The teams are multi-talented, opinionated and smart - but they all require a strong leader who knows how to ask the right questions, when to say no (nicely) and when to push the team to best of their abilities.   

More specifically, you will:

  • Have an open mind and process what the clients are asking for. Not everything they ask needs a solution or has to be built.
  • Have an understanding of technical concepts (Web applications, mobile, hosting etc)
    • This means you must understand key words or acronyms such as; Agile, CMS, SCM, OMS, SDLC, Frameworks, devops, integration, test automation , API's, scaling, load testing, unit testing, pen testing etc
    • You should ideally have experience of managing ecommerce, retail systems and financial systems (any sector).
  • Help collect and identify business requirements
  • Liaise with our internal experts to recommend a course of action
  • Collaborate with a culturally diverse team to design, development implement digital projects
  • Highlight areas of risk and proactively resolve issues
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Must have experience of running agile projects - ideally SCRUM based
  • Manage project timelines and budgets
  • Coach clients and stakeholders through our work processes
  • Have a servant leadership mindset
  • Able to meet our Level 4 expectations of a Project Manager in our salary ladder.


    • Autonomy; freedom to do something great
    • Competitive salaries
    • Open plan office right next to Ploenchit BTS
    • MacBook Pro 13"
    • Free snacks and soda at work, beer on Fridays
    • 15 days annual paid vacation
    • Flexible work hours (e.g., 9AM-11AM to 6PM-8PM)
    • Relaxed atmosphere, little to no overtime
    • Provident fund and Group Healthcare

    In addition to other Project Management duties, the successful candidate may also join one or more cross-disciplinary teams, called Crews, and help set the direction for the company as a whole.


    We don’t particularly care about age, gender, ethnicity, work experience, or education etc. Life has taught us that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. 

    But. We do need you to speak Thai fluently The reality of our work lately requires Thai language skills due to the locality of the work. That said, there are still opportunities to work with English speaking clients.


    • We don't care about degrees, but you should have at least :
      • 4+ years of web/mobile project management experience
    • Experience of Lean and Agile project management methods (Agile, Kanban or SCRUM)
    • Experience of Project Management tools (JIRA etc)
    • Experience of working with Thai and International clients
    • Experience of managing budgets and timelines
    • Service and quality minded
    • Good Thai and English communication skills